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What is a horse farm

Posted by admin on 01/15/2023

Horse farms and ranches are usually used to breed, board and train horses. Depending on the property and what the owners purpose is for the horse farm, they have different builds, structures and grounds. Horse farms may be private or commercially owned. There are several different types of horse farms.

  1. Horse Breeding Farms. Horse breeding farms are places where horses are bred and raised. This is place where usually a horse’s life begins and often where horses retire. These farms are called “stud farms” and they are often used for breeding stallions and mares of selective and pure breeds. Many of these horses are bred to be performance horses.
  2. Boarding Farms. Such farms are used to board horses and can be set up as partial boarding facilities or full service boarding stables. These boarding farms take care of animals where farm operators charge a fee to take care of other people’s horses. Full boarding facilities often include feeding, grooming, cleaning and exercise routine for the horses.
  3. Training Farms. Training farms are usually larger and often consist of boarding and training grounds, where horses are trained. They may contain structures such as barns, stables, riding halls and race tracks. Here horses are often boarded and then trained by professionals on regular basis.

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